5 African Countries Adventure:  
  "Lake Victoria The Big 5" Motorbike Tour      

This year we will NOT be doing the Lake Victoria Big 5 Tour as we don't have the time for adding it in our Calendar Tours. Therefore we've decided to have it in 2016!

Also known as Victoria Nyanza, the Victoria Lake is bordered by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It has an area of 69,490 sq km and lies 1,130 m above sea level. It is the world’s second largest fresh water lake in the world after Lake Superior and is named after Britain’s Queen Victoria. Due to its geographical location and the difficulty of the trip in some parts Lake Victoria presents an awesome opportunity for a unique motorbike adventure. An amazing ride through off and not so off-the-beaten-track routes of 5 very different countries in Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania; a ride through every type of terrain you may think of which and will satisfy the most demanding adventure riders. We are now accepting bookings for this trip from level 4 riders. Off-road experience is a must as without it some of the riding days will prove impossible and very dangerous. This is a long trip but certainly worth every single day taken off work. A trip none of your buddies has ever done and which you can certainly boost about, but most of all an unforgettable life experience.

Reserve your bike now! Places are limited ONLY 4 BIKES AVAILABLE for this Tour.


1 - 5:

The first 5 riding days of this trip will take us to one of the most remote places in Ethiopia and indeed in Africa: the Omorate. Roads go from large and windy with green landscape through forest and agricultural fields to desolate mountain roads made up of stones and earth. In these first 5 days you will experience the first days of some challenging riding and beautiful and different landscape. You will not have it easy but we guarantee it will be worth it!

We start the tour with a first short stage on paved roads to go out of the caos of Addis.

In the next days we will visit the surroundings of Arba Minch by visiting the Dorze people and their way of living. We will also be visiting the Southern Nationality tribes like the Tsemay, Hamer, Bana, Karo and Dasenech. If lucky we will also admire soe of the traditional Cerimonies like the Bull Jumping.

We will then spend our night in Omorate out in the Desert before crossing the border the next day. The ride is starting to be fun and challenging!!

(965 km asphalt and off-road)

Overnights: Lodgings and Camping

6 - 8:

The border crossing with Kenya will be one of your toughest riding days. The road is mostly sandy but you can also find rocks and fesh-fesh. You will ride through different kinds of sand from soft to hard, moist to dry, deep... It’s lots of fun and one of the most beautiful and hard rides you will ever do in your life. We will put up our tents between the sand dunes of Eliye Springs, an Oasis in the Desert of North Kenya on Lake Turkana.

The Kenyan roads you will ride are horrible (even though are now getting better, we will see when we go through), mostly made up of destroyed pavement and not well maintained. Some parts are broken pavement with most of it being corrugated or washboard, with potholes and fesh-fesh. Your off-road skills will be very needed! We will spend 1 day in South Turkana National Reserve.

(600 km asphalt and off-road).

Overnights: Camping and Lodgings

9 - 15:

Your stay in Uganda will be unforgettable! There is of course the first of 2 equator crossings some nice riding alongside wild animals inside some of the many National Parks in Uganda.

There is a road that we'll ride on that according to our tour leader is the one part that is absolutely unforgettable. Nobody, absolutely nobody does this road. All green wherever your eyes reach; curvy roads on mountainous landscape. It has the reputation of being very dangerous and you do need to be very careful. The landscape is so beautiful it is very easy to loose concentration and with some of the tracks being so narrow with cliffs on both sides concentration is a must. But man, is it worth it!!!

Jinja is where the White Nile flows out of Lake Victoria and where action goers meet: go white-water rafting or kayaking, quad biking, horse riding or what the hell… just relax... Anyway we have a lot of riding to do and Jinja is not a bad place to have some relaxing time!

Your stay in Uganda will include an overnight stop in its capital city, Kampala and 1 day spent in Lake Bunioni, the deepest crater lake in Africa and second in the world. Camp on its shores and enjoy some peace and tranquillity after the last riding days or go for a hike, bird watching or canoeing trip. Our main suggestions need to include a Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Kisoro. A Mountain Gorilla Trekking is the pinnacle of all the wildlife experiences available in Africa and Uganda is with no doubt the best place for this. (950 km paved and off-road).

Overnights in Lodges or Camping as preferred.

16 - 22:

In 3 days you will cross two countries: Rwanda and Tanzania.

As soon as you enter Rwanda you will understand why it is called the country of the thousand hills. It is an incredibly beautiful country with lots on offer if you extend your stay. Because of it's dramatic recent history a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center is adviced.

The Kigali Genocide memorial center is a site of burial for victims, who were killed in the Kigali region. After the genocide, as mass graves were being discovered around the city it was decided that a single monument / burial place should be created, where the victims could be laid to rest with dignity, this is now their final resting place.

A distinctively Rwandan craft is the cow dung 'paintings' that are produced by a local co-operative in the village of Nyakarimbi near the Rusumo Falls Rwandan border with Tanzania. Curious enough to buy one?

The Rusumo falls, are a voluminous and impressive rush of white water located on the Kagera river part of the most distant headwaters of the river Nile, one of the principal headstreams feeding into Lake Victoria.

Tanzania's highlight will be the NogoroNgoro Crater visit, which will offer a lot of wild animals and the way there has some magnificient scenery, which you will not forget. The Masay Tribe people will be admired all the way around this area. You will also be staying by the Lake Victoria once again after having seen it in Uganda. (1450 km paved and off-road).

Overnights in Lodges

23 - 26:

The second border crossing with Kenya will take place during this leg of the trip. You will also cross the equator for the second time!

You will spend one day in Nairobi. There is a lot to keep you busy in Kenya’s bustling capital city but if you want to get out of town maybe you will end up visiting the Langata giraffe centre or bond up and close with orphaned animals at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage which is the oldest animal orphanage in Kenya and is set in the Nairobi National Park.

Another stop worth mentioning is the Samburu National Reserve. The reserve is rich in wildlife with an abundance of rare northern species such as the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa oryx (also referred to as Samburu Special Five). The reserve is also popular with a minimum of 900 elephants. Large predators such as the lion, leopard and cheetah are an important attraction.

The Tour is getting to a point where we are thinking already of being back home, with our families and friends, but there is still a lot of riding to do and a lot of beautiful places to see!!

We will ride through the infamous road of Marsabit-Moyale (now not anymore from Isiolo, because the road had beend upgraded to asphalt almost all the way to Marsabit). Anyway, what ever will be, it will NOT be as bad as in 2009!! (930 km paved anf off-road).

Overnights in Lodges

27 - 30:
We are almost at the end of our adventure trip and the return to Addis is just a few days away. We will cross the border with Ethiopia and head to Yirga Cheffe. Our last resting day will be spent in the Lake Langano. (825 km paved).

Overnights in Lodges

Day 31:

Departure to Addis.
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motorcycle tours ethiopia, sodoMain road to Omo National Park, Ethiopia

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Omo National Park, Ethiopia

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Eliye Springs, Kenya

Road to Lake Bunioni, Uganda

raftingRafting in Jinja

Equator crossing, Uganda

Road to Bunioni, Uganda

Lake Bunioni, Uganda

Mountain GorillaMountain Gorilla

Sun setting in Tanzania

Elephant orphanage, Kenya

Langata giraffe center, Kenya

Second equator crossing, Kenya

Zebras grazing in Kenya


   Tour: 5 African Countries Adventure: Lake Victoria Motorbike Round Trip1

   Dates of the tour:

03 September - 03 October 2017

   Duration of the tour:

31 days

   Riding days:

24 days

   Total distance:

Approx. 6000 Km

   Skill level:


   Lodging type:

Hotels and camping

   Maximum nr. of riders: 4  
   (based on a minimum
   group of 4 riders):

Own bike:

€ 4,530
€ 2,490

   What is included:
•  Airport collection and drop-off
•  Motorbike (KTM 690 Enduro & 500 EXC -  no fuel), bike as     requested, subject to dates availability insurance against third     parties and theft
•  Expert multi-lingual tour leader and mechanical support
•  Satellite phone for use in case of emergency, GPS and medical kit

•  If clients wish some camping days may be replaced by Hotel overnight stays.
•  The length of the trip may be shortened or extended to accommodate site visits if all booked clients agree to it.
•  There are no discounts available for this trip.


•  At request Africa Riding Adventures can refund the full amount of deposit paid if there isn't a minimum number of 4 riders attending the tour. Pls read our terms and conditions for the full text of our policy.
•  Africa Riding Adventures reserves the right to cancel this calendar tour if no bookings are made 30 days before the tour commencement.
    •  This trip is done without a support vehicle. If booked clients would like to take a support vehicle this will be done at extra cost.


If you've booked this trip with us bellow is some general information on Ethiopia and on your motorcycle trip. There also some some forms you will need to sign before the start of the trip. Save time by bringing them signed when you arrive.

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