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Custom Made Tours – Tour exactly the way you want to!

If none of our calendar tours appeal to you we can design one based on your own personal requirements: choose the dates you want to ride with us, difficulty level, a more tourist or off-the-beaten-track route, a more ethnic, historical or scenery focused tour or simply the sites you want to visit. If riding is your first priority, no problem. Tell us what you enjoy the most: asphalt or off-road, a mix of the two or a more technical ride… We will try our best to accommodate all your wishes and send you one or more itineraries to meet your desires. Custom Made Tours are NOT more expensive than our package tours. They-re priced exactly the same way!! and have no minimum number of days or riders! Get in touch with your personal requirements. You will not regret it!

If your dream tour involves touring the neighboring countries and cross the border to Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda do not leave your decision for the last minute. We will need at least 2 months to get all the permits after you book the trip with us. All our cross border trips need to start in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, but they can finish in the country of your choice.

JOIN a TOUR – Sometimes we will post tours booked by one or more clients for which they would like to have riding mates. Check this space regularly for updates. Presently we have no tours looking for additional riders.