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Our Clients' Opinions

66 er navnet på en populær motorcykelrute i USA. Men det var også den alder jeg havde da jeg kontaktede Flavio for at komme på en
motorcykeltur i det sydlige Etiopien. Jeg havde en uge til rådighed og mit primære formål med at besøge dette land var at besøge en SOS
børneby i Hawassa. Via e-mail indgik jeg en aftale med Flavio om at han skulle være min guide og jeg er sikker på at det var med en vis
spænding han skulle på solo tur med en 66- årig kvindelig mc-kører, som var på alder med hans egen mor.
Efter en kort instruktion om hvordan jeg skulle være opmærksom på de utallige køer, geder, får og æsler på vejene, begav vi os ud i en
mega crazy trafik i Addis Ababa. Jeg havde også fået information om at jeg skulle undgå at påkøre en person, da dette ville sende mig
direkte i fængsel. Der bor omkring 90 millioner mennesker i Etiopien og for mig så det ud til at omkring halvdelen havde valgte at vandre på
landevejene, for der var et mylder af mennesker overalt. Heldigvis har jeg erfaring med at køre i lande med en anderledes trafik end der er
på de vestjyske landeveje.
Ruten gik via Hosana og Sodo sydpå til Arba Minch. Vi tog en afstikker til Adadi Maryam, som er den eneste klippekirke i det sydlige
Etiopien. På vejen retur til Addis Ababa kørte vi via Hawassa gennem Rift Valley.
Jeg kørte på KTM 690 Enduro og det var en fantastisk motorcykel til de dårlige veje. Flavio var meget hjælpsom og serviceminded.
Desuden har han en stor ekspertise som guide og med hans lokale kendskab til landet var der ingen problemer med at finde rundt i et land,
hvor vejskilte kun findes i et mindre omfang. Flere gange måtte vi køre fra den ene benzinstation til den anden, uden af få tanket op, da
der generelt er stor mangel på benzin i landet.
Stor tak til Flavio for en god tur.

Esther Jensen
7 days Custom Made Tour from 09-14 January 2017, Arba Minch & Awasa, Ethiopia.

The Lake Victoria tour is a fantastic mix of scenery, riding and culture. From the green highlands of Ethiopia, to the harsh desert-like tribal homelands of Northern Kenya, to the manic traffic of Kampala, to the wildlife of the Ngorogoro crater, this tour has something for every adventure rider. To my girlfriend and me, one of the great joys was the independence of the trip, with minimum luggage carried on the bike, no unecessary back-up truck to slow us down, and a very flexible itinerary. Flavio is a very experienced tour leader and an outstanding mechanic and made this a trip that we will never forget. Highly recommended.

Dave King & Dani Ward, United Kingdom
31 days Calendar Tour from 01-31 August 2013, Lake Victoria Tour Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Un viaje hecho a mi medida, pactado con Flavio. Me gusto mucho la flexibilidad que tuvo a la hora de cambiar itinerarios y opciones tanto previamente como durante el viaje. Yo por mi falta de experiencia y forma física tuve que cambiar sobre la marcha los planes de la ruta y no hubo ningún problema por parte de Flavio.

La moto que me dio estaba prácticamente nueva y en perfecto estado de mecánica. Los problemas que surgieron sobre la ruta como pinchazos y ajustes de la moto Flavio los solucionó rápidamente. Flavio es muy buen piloto de enduro y muy buen mecánico.

Seriedad y profesionalidad.


Fernando de la Fuente del Caz, Spain
7 days Custom Made Tour from 16-22 April 2013, Sheik Hussein Tour Ethiopia

I took a very quick decision to escape the Eid Al Fitr 2011 break and heat from Dubai for a cultural change to Ethiopia. Only 5 days and, what better to do I thought as to ride a bike. So a quick search on the net brought me to Africa Riding Adventures run by Flavio and Monica.

Very quickly and uncomplicated, contact was made and Monica suggested a few trips to choose from for a 3 round trip and so we went off. Flavio and myself cruised down south to Arba Minch on the first day seeing breathtaking scenery, country side, gravel and dirt road including water, mud and more. Needless to say the state of the art KTM Enduro 690 R brand new bike just made it all the more enjoyable. After arriving in the late afternoon hours the comfort of a small but nice family run hotel was very welcome.

The next day was packed with excitement and excellent tour leadership down to Konso, parks and traditional dancing we arrived save back in the hotel. visiting a more than 1000 year old small village (according to the tour guide). This link gives you more from UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

The third day was followed by the same level of excitement as the day before with a 80K ride through the mountains and amazing scenery back to Addis Ababa.

What made the journey so comforting: The warm welcome in Addis by Flavio and Monica’s family, the excellent tour leadership and easy organisation and not to forget the excellent well maintained bike and advice during what was a very short but most enjoyable trip.

Thank you both and you will see me back on the bike again.

Christian, UAE

Christian Hannesschlaege, Austria
3-day Custom Made Tour, August 2011, Southern Ethiopia

If you have started reading this testimonial it must mean one thing: you have already reviewed Africa Riding Adventures web site, but equally that of many others. I would say at this point don’t waste your time any more. As a famous man once said “Don’t worry about action, only that of inaction”. So, save yourself countless more hours surfing the World Wide Web and book your next adventure with this company.

Why may you ask?
First, the country and its natural beauty will blow you away as it is stunning and it’s nothing like what you could imagine.

Second, you will be provided with a quality well looked after KTM motorbike which will run faultlessly throughout your trip. KTM hasn’t won ten consecutive times in the Dakar for being second best.

Third, your guide and Africa Riding Adventure’s owner Flavio is passionate about his country, his profession and and your well being. Equally he also love’s Condensed Milk and Top Gear Adventures, but not quite as much as riding motorbike’s.

Summary then: Did I have great trip? Yes! Would I recommend them? With out Hesitation!

Adam Bailey, UK
5-day Custom Made Tour, May 2011, Southeastern Ethiopia

What an amazing trip. After three years of trying to make it happen, three years of planning, reading up, looking forward to Ethiopia, you’d think you might risk being disappointed. But the trip blew away all expectations! The riding was fantastic – on and off-road. The scenery was unbelievable – even though people had warned me to expect some nice scenery, never did I expect such lushness & 14,000 foot mountain peaks. And the group was great! Thanks so much Flavio & Monica for the trip – the organization was fantastic and the pace was great. I had an absolute blast, and hope to be able to make it back to tour another part of the country – or neighboring countries!

William Wright, Canada
9-day Calendar Tour, Short Historical Route from 25 March to 2 April 2011

We did the 8 day Historical Tour in the North, which included one day’s rest and visiting of the churches carved out of the rock in Lalibela. We covered 2500 Km in the eight riding days and virtually every one of those was special. The 640 KTMs were excellent and ideally suited to covering long distances on Ethiopian roads. Not surprisingly we had a few punctures but Flavio fixed them all quickly looking like he could have done it in his sleep. By the end of the first day we had seen wonderful landscapes and many people with their animals running everywhere, we had experienced great riding and a few scary moments such as riding on slippery mud in the rain with no lights in the pitch black night. Luckily that was the only day we got wet and the only day we rode in anything other than good light. The days then just got better and better culminating in the most amazing dirt road ride from Axum to Lalibela with endless fantastic mountain scenery and a hotel with a wonderful view to finish up at. Flavio arranged for us to be guided round the unique churches carved out of the bedrock at Lalibela and then it was back onto the asphalt for an amazing ride through twisty mountain passes which just went on forever.

Thanks to Flavio and Monica for arranging and leading this great tour and making it memorable for all the right reasons. We hope to return one day and see more of Ethiopia.

Jerry and Pete.

Jerry and Peter, UK
10-day Custom Made Tour, Daring Historical North from 15 - 24 April 2011

Dear Monica and Flavio,

First of all thank you for the fantastic trip, the professional organisation and the friendliness of you both. It seems, you do not only consider yourself as tour operators but as full-service responsibles for the well-being of your clients. That was more than I could expect. I really had a fantastic time and I am already thinking of doing it again. Riding with you easily gets addicted. And Addis nights with Flavio are fun too, by the way!

Gert Waltanbauer, Germany
9-day Calendar Tour, Short Historical Route from 25 March to 2 April 2011


What a trip, what a country !

I couldn’t think of a better way to experience Ethiopia than with Monica and Flavio.

The trip was very well organized and planned for with some great scenery to appreciate, days off to explore and be amazed by the history and culture of Ethiopia and fantastic roads to enjoy.

Well Done to Monica, Flavio and the African Riding Adventures team.

I’ll be back !

Brett Hart, UAE
9-day Calendar Tour, Short Historical Route from 25 March to 2 April 2011

Dearest Monica and Flavio……

First of all I want to thank you for the great motorbike-tour which was organised by your organisation: Africa Riding Adventures Tours !!

Last Month I was along with one Australian, one Canadian and three Germans on route in Ethiopia with your Short Historical motor-bike Route. In seven days we have travelled through the north of your amazing country. Lots we have seen and lots we have discovered with Flavio as our wonderful tour-guide-leader, who took care of us so well and who guided us through fantastic places.

The nature is so wonderful and also the historical places we have visited were unforgettable. To me, it was a tour which I will never forget.

Lots of greetings from over here, maybe we will meet again, and I want to wish you all the best in life and business.

Take good care and kind regards,

Ton vd Meulengraaf, Holland
9-day Calendar Tour, Short Historical Route from 25 March to 2 April 2011

The Historical Route will take you through some of the most important historical sites in the country, as the name implies. Heading out of the Capital you will find youself in rural surroundings – less traffic – quite soon. Less traffic though does not equal a lowered sense of awareness. Through out the tour you will need to be alert, as animals, children, adults and other vehicles might cause you a surprise or two if caught off guard. Animals and children are unpredictable. Keep this in mind when riding, and you’ll be safe. Having said this, the ride and the scenery will make the effort worth while. For the ride itself expect both asphalt and gravel. Do not be surprised if an “asphalt stage” has parts of off road bits, as road developments are frequent, and detours from the road might some time be a necessity. Do also expect curves, and roads winding both up and down. Not many hours riding in a straight line. Each day there will be room to admire the scenery, breaks along the way, and the beds at the best hotels in the towns you are going to spend the night. Every place you’ll eat you will be able to choose between Ethiopian and European cuisine, and there will be enough spots along the way to buy souvenirs if needed. The historical sites along the way are a good counterweight to the riding. You will have guides who speak english, and if you are interested in Ethiopian history or history in general you’ll enjoy the days off the bike as much as on them. (and if historical sites are not your cup of tea, excursions to the sites are optional)

Flavio will not only lead the group, but he’ll also fix any problem that might arise during the trip, be it a flat tire, loose chain, or recommend possible entertainments at places you’ll park the bikes. The bikes themselves are in good condition, and will be able to get you where you want to go and back.

Enjoy your trip!

Andras Szolnoki, Norway
14-Day Calendar Historical North Tour, 22Nov - 5Dec 2010

Thierry, a french friend, and I are impassioned dirtbike-riders who live in China for some years now. After getting a wedding invitation to Addis Ababa from a friend we once met in China, we soon decided to go and also to look for some fun and adventure for the time after the wedding parties.

Putting the words”ethiopia motorcycle tours” into google we got straight forwarded to Flavio and his business (and how you probably found this testimonial). In the beginning we got in touch with Monica only. Though we unfortunatelly have never met her in person (Congratulation to the Baby again, Monica!), we got the impression of a very friendly and helping person who didn’t get tired of answering all our questions. The only fixed request we submitted was the date we want to ride. And that we only want to ride. After a few exchanged emails we already decided for the proposed tour and it turned out to be a very good decision.

At the end we did 1800km in 6 days in the east and south of Ethiopia and only the first and last day we saw asphalt. Seeing changing landscape and people from different tribes every day made this trip very special for us, also because of having such a great guide as Flavio. Truely we hope to become returning customers one day. Thanks again to both of you and all the best for your family!

Tino Drohula, Germany
6 riding-days Custom Made Tour: Southeast Ethiopia, Bale Region, Sep2010

The Black Elephant Tour was truly a special experience that my fiancé and I will remember with the fondest of memories for the rest of our lives. It all began when we found Africa Riding Adventures on the internet and were soon in touch with Monica & Flavio regarding the logistics of such a large undertaking: 16 riding days traveling over 3,000 kilometers (nearly all off-road), visiting or camping with 6-8 different tribes of the Omo Valley, visiting national parks (where we would get up close and personal with hippos, crocodiles, monkeys, etc.), organizing local guides, hiring a chef who would accompany us on the entire trip, etc. From the very first email, both my fiancé and I were pleasantly surprised by Monica’s and Flavio’s level of organization and the attention paid to both our initial concerns about safety and to every day’s itinerary (how many km we’d travel per day, plans for accommodation, stoppage points for pictures, rest areas, etc.). It also turned out to be extremely well priced, both as a stand-alone trip and compared to other off-road motorcycle adventure tours offered by other operators around the world (we researched in detail for several weeks other trips in Russia, South America, Asia, Africa, etc.). Given Africa Riding Adventure’s professionalism and inviting presentation, it wasn’t long before we decided to choose Ethiopia!

As it turned out, Flavio and I were the only two on bikes while my fiancé decided she would enjoy the trip from the passenger seat in the Land Cruiser. Three things (among many others) were clear about Flavio from the minute we began riding: 1) he was an excellent but very safe rider, 2) he was a fantastic guide who left nothing to chance, and 3) he was someone who truly cared that we have an experience of a lifetime. Additionally, he always kept the bikes in fantastic condition as my KTM 525 and his KTM 690 didn’t have a single mechanical problem the entire trip. Flavio was also a ton of fun to be with and share stories…. although given he is a die hard Brazil football fan, thankfully the trip was over by the time they lost in the World Cup! 🙂

The landscape heading south out of Addis and before arriving in the main tribal areas was spectacular. Green, luscious and mountainous, it was nothing like what we had expected. There were sections of riding in the clouds (literally) followed by long winding roads descending into steep valleys housing sections of the Omo River. Almost always encountering local people along the way, they were sweet and at all times happy to welcome us into their villages and homes. Never once did we feel tension or indifference from the locals or the tribes. They were happy to have us and it showed.

Upon arriving in the main tribal area of the Omo Valley, we were amazed to see the simplicity of daily life. Even today, most tribes continue to live without what we would consider the basics: electricity, running water, motorized transportation, etc. The cultural integrity and respect of individual tribal traditions were amazing. They understand that a more developed world exists beyond their borders, but they have zero interest in wanting to experience it. Witnessing the scarification of a woman during our stay with the Surma Tribe will not soon be forgotten either (scars are a sign of beauty for women there). She experienced nearly 40 slices of the skin and didn’t make a noise. It was amazing.

In closing, I could go on sharing more of our trip’s experiences but I would recommend anyone reading this to take a chance and try the Black Elephant Tour yourself. It was the perfect off-road motorcycle enthusiast’s trip: intense riding combined with a beautiful landscape, generous and welcoming people, and a once in a lifetime experience with one of the last remaining tribal areas in the world.

Thank you Monica and Flavio. You provided my fiancé and I with a pre-wedding “honeymoon” and an experience that we’ll never forget. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon.

All the best to you, your staff and your family,

David C.
July 2010

David C., UK
16-day Black Elephant tour, 2010

Just wanted to say thank you to Monica & Flavio so much for the trip to the Wonchi Crater. The organisation, route and bike (KTM 640) were all excellent with every effort made even though I only gave 1 week notice and had never ridden off road before. Ethiopia is a great, friendly and beautiful country as are it’s people. Also Flavio was a great guide and gave excellent off roading advice. I hope I can come back for a longer trip soon.

Edward Lewis, UK
1-day tour to the Wonchi Crater Lake, 2010

This was one of the biggest lifetime adventures for all 8 of us from Lithuania, who have been traveling the Historical Route for 2 weeks. Ethiopia appeared to be a very friendly country with its incredible rocky landscape and incredibly friendly people, whom you met every time we stop – they are just everywhere!:)

Even though we got tired in some moments, one of us even had an injury, but the best tour guide of them all – Flavio sorted out all the problems that appeared! Doesn‘t matter if it’s only a minor technical bike problem, or a broken leg (which we wouldn‘t wish for anyone) – Flavio is an organized and professional guide who can take care of all the problems arising. He is also a very good company to drink beer with and chat after every day’s ride. BEST TOUR GUIDE, BEST TOUR ROUTE, BEST BIKES – what more can you ask for your adventure holidays?

Dainius Matijosaitis, Lithuania
2-weeks Custom Made Tour: Historical Route, 2010

I have always wanted to discover new countries and enjoy beautifull sceneries, thus my husband Hans and I registered for the daring north calendar tour organised by Flavio and Monica taking place from the 1-10 February 2010. We thought it over for some time, but thanks to the enthousiastic mails from Monica and the reliable impression she gave it didn’t take long to pull us over the line.

When telling friends at home about our plans they often frowned and wondered what we were going to do in the desert and why we took such a risk going to a dangerous country like Ethiopie…. Of course all there worries were in vain.

We were five: 3 youngsters; adventurous Ella ( 28) from Australië, Lucky Luke (28) from Australië, Steve the Captain (31) born in New Zealand living in Holland and Hans (52) alias doc holiday and I (47) from Belgium. All very different but blending well because we all loved to travel by motorbike.

We had good fun and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Being the least experienced I never had the feeling to be a burden to any of them or Flavio…

Such a variety of mountainous landscapes unique in the world. Long distances of all kinds of gravel and winding roads and hundreds of villages, all different. So many children often with Obama T-shirts. All the different impressions absorbed during the trip still play like a movie in my head. I keep smelling the odours and fragraces and the taste of the red dust between my teeth. We had to be very alert because the roads in Ethiopie have a lot of hidden surprises. Such as cows, donkeys and sheep strolling by and suddenly
crossing the road. Once I was surprised by an almost invisible rope blocking the road at the entrance of a village.

Flavio prooved to be a very charming man; an Ethiopian with an italian flair, who’s proud of his country and knows how to cope with its limitations. Fond of his job and KTM motorcycles and a professional technician. He had no macho mentality and acted very modest, though he is an amazingly good rider. He was like a friend to us and we liked his company very much.

For us it was one of the most unforgettable and adventurous tours we’ve made. One item we can already delete from our “bucket list”.

Katia Van Landuyt, Belgium
10 day 'Daring North' Calendar Tour, 2010

Je revais de decouvrir l’Ethiopie a moto! Je n’aurais jamais eu le temps ni le materiel necessaire pour organiser cette aventure. Je cherchais a louer une moto sur place, et je suis tombee sur Africa Riding Adventures! Ces quelques jours sont devenus mon meilleur souvenir de cette annee 2009!!! Une KTM dans un etat impeccable, un guide extra et un paysage a couper le souffle!

On a fait notre plan de route en fonction du temps que j’avais et de ce qui pouvait me plaire. Flavio, le directeur, m’a emmene decouvrir des coins off road que je n’aurais jamais eu l’occasion de voir par moi meme. On s’est arrete a la rencontre des villageois, on s’est pose aux sommets des montagnes, on a traverse des champs de Teff en fleur!!

Cote pratique, c’est pas cher pour ce que c’est et ils sont super reglo! La grande Classe!!! J’y retourne des que je peux!!
C’etait exeptionnel!

Nadia Guillin, France
3-days Custom Made Tour to the South, 2009

Ethiopia is a fantastic country , we never expect such a beautiful landscape; mountains, lakes, plains, forest…

Population we met was very nice and welcoming… and every arrival of our motorcycle group in a village was an unforgettable experience. Africa riding has organized our 7 days tour on a very professional way. Really a country to visit on a motorcycle.. but always drive carefully as tracks and roads are used by everybody: trucks, cars, people, animals… and nobody cares about others … and nobody expects fast motorcycles…”

Michel Donck, Belgium Raid Bulex 2010
8-days Custom Made Tour to the South (Maze Tour), 2009

N’ayant jamais pratiqué de moto off-road, j’ai frappé a la porte de Monica et Flavio en espérant pouvoir tout de même profiter de cette occasion. Je n’ai vraiment pas été déçu du résultat, le tour correspondait à mes attentes et a mon niveau. L’ambiance est très sympa et chaleureuse, on est entre de bonnes mains ! Dans un pays tel que l’Éthiopie, c’est un vrai plaisir que de pratiquer dans ces conditions de la moto off-road. Expérience à renouveler sans hésitation…

Nicolas Guilbert, France
Weekend scheduled tour, Fincha Lake, Northwest, 2009

I was in Ethiopia just for two weeks and for working purpose, when I heard of Africa Riding Adventure. Since on one hand I had one Friday off, on the other hand I am keen at riding a motorbike every time I have the opportunity, I decided to join a three days tour in the south west of the country. I didn’t regret it. I made friends with nice people, both Ethiopian and expatriate, came across with a huge variety of climates and landscapes, and above all discovered a bit of this amazing country I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. Those three days were two short and made me feel like coming back for a longer period of time.

Jean-Paul Millan, France
3-days custom made tour, pure riding fun, south, 2009

From my very first enquiry with ARA, i have found them to be effortlessly helpful and polite. Having arrived in Addis from 2 months travelling alone through southern Africa, i was hoping for a taste of luxury and i was not disappointed, the hotel being the nicest i have ever stayed in. Having been
introduced to Flavio the other riders and most importantly the bikes we set off south. Ethiopia has to be seen to be believed, although the people were not as friendly as the rest of Africa, the country and the riding was simply incredible, and with the cultural visits only adding to the experience, i would highly recommend biking through Ethiopia.

Sam Jarrett, UK
14-days calendar tour, wild and ethnic route to the south, 2009

Thank you for the perfect trip to the north of Ethiopie ( 27. Mar. – 5. Apr. 2009). The motorbike (KTM 640), the route, the hotels and the food was perfect and also the organisation

Karl Schleich, Austria
10-days Custom Made Tour to the North, 2009

After Dubai, Addis Ababa airport is uncomplicated and quick. My guide was waiting and I was whisked off to the safety of a very pleasant hotel, not withstanding that the place had two security guards with metal detection equipment to pass through. Thankfully we were not staying at the Hilton where the security was adorned with automatic pistols and the walls with razor wire. What have I got myself in for? I ask myself!!

I had a day to unwind and we got away the following day, four of us on bikes and two in the support car. Our guide an Italian Ethiopian, a 60ish Italian three times Dakar finisher, a 23 year old motocross racer from London and Me. So you can imagine the sequence of riders.

Our first stop was Arba Minch, where we spent three days, perched on the edge of a rocky precipice and overlooking a lake with a beautiful view of the rising sun. We visited the local National Park, great 100k ride. We got some good shots of the Zebras, but the other inhabitants that we were assured lived there, had more sense than to be out in the midday sun. The boat trip across the lake was more fruitful, pelicans in their thousands, hippos and giant crocodiles, and the bravest of all by far, the locals setting their nets from tiny rafts half the length of those complacent looking beasts basking in the sun.

Next stop a little camping area called Turmi on the banks of a dry river bed. Surprised myself in that my tent was not half as uncomfortable as I had dreaded it would be, and the food was exceptional, prepared by our own chef in the most primitive of circumstances.

The trip to Jinka was to be the highlight of the trip, too rough for the vehicle, we were to be on our own, 130 km of rocky tracks, flowing level two trails, loose sand and thick dust. A great days riding, though a bit tiring. The sun was relentless and when we found the most inviting creek I have seen for some time, it was time for swimming, boots, clothes and all.

The trip was drawing to a close, two more nights in pleasant accommodation and then back to the city and our original hotel. I have had a marvellous time, different to what I had expected, but then I am not sure just what I expected.

I thank my fellow travellers and Africa Riding Adventure Tours, for making this experience possible.

Phil Randall, Australia
14-days calendar tour, wild and ethnic route to the south, 2009

Débarqué à Addis, sans aucun programme défini pour huit jours de vacances, je suis arrivé chez Monica et Flavio par hasard, au gré de mes pérégrinations à pied dans cette ville. L’accueil chaleureux et familial m’a vite décidé d’entreprendre un périple de cinq jours vers le Sud, en compagnie de Flavio. Un petit tour au Mercato avec Eden, la jolie et gentille assistante de Monica pour m’acheter une paire de chaussures adaptée, un essayage des vêtements de protections et me voila désormais prêt.

Mon expérience de rider étant ancienne et limitée, Flavio a su définir un itinéraire progressif et adopter au début un rythme propre a me mettre en confiance. Quelle fantastique première journée, avec les deux dernières heures effectuées de nuit pour conclure ces sept heures de route !
Instant magique du réveil à Arbaminch, dominant les lacs depuis le haut du rift. La pluie empêche d’emprunter l’itinéraire prévu pour la deuxième journée : Flavio a toujours une solution de secours, et nous voila sur un autre itinéraire.

La troisième journée compte parmi les meilleures journées passées depuis très longtemps: trip off-road magique d’Arbaminsh à Yabello, poussière, boue, cailloux, paysages, habitants, singes, chameaux, toute l’Afrique est là, la KTM 640 tourne parfaitement: du pur bonheur. Le soir, la magie du voyage opère encore et nous nous lions d’amitié avec Yolande, une charmante canadienne installée en Egypte voyageant seule avec son chauffeur. Cette rencontre improbable entre deux riders poussiéreux et cette charmante grand-mère très distinguée marque notre voyage, car nos routes vont désormais se croiser tout au long de notre remontée vers Addis. Notre quatrième jour nous fait traverser des plantations de café et des paysages de végétation luxuriante, pour arriver à un superbe éco-lodge. Nous y passons une soirée familiale, d’autant plus que notre nouvelle grand-mère Yolande nous y rejoint. Le dernier jour nous ramène enfin à Addis, ou après une baignade méridienne dans un lac superbe, la route devient incroyablement encombrée de véhicules et camions de toutes sortes. C’est un fantastique embouteillage mais qui devient finalement ludique, puisqu’il nous faut emprunter les bas cotés ou doubler de tous cotes possibles pour nous en sortir.
Pour conclure, ces cinq jours furent véritablement réussis et m’ont offert de purs moments de plaisir: à vous de tenter l’aventure !

Vincent Tissier, France
5-days Custom Made Tour to the South, 2008

I went on a custom trip, just myself and Flavio at Christmas 2008 following the historic route in the north for 8 days. In theory it was to be just the two of us with no pre-booked accommodation, travelling light, no back-up and staying wherever we ended up. The way I like to travel. As his family and friends were also travelling the same route he asked if I would like to join them in the evenings. So we did and I had a unique and unexpected experience which was great fun and gave me a real insight into this fascinating country with such a proud history. The other thing about Ethiopia is that it is stunningly beautiful everywhere you turn.

I had not ridden a KTM 640 enduro before. It is the ideal bike for Ethiopia, fast enough with great feel and handling. Flavio is an excellent rider who knows how to ride the varied terrain and can offer good advice and warnings about what lies ahead. The bike was in impeccable order. Flavio cares for his KTMs. The tour ran very smoothly, as with riding in any developing country there are always unexpected hazards, which is part of the attraction, but all were handled with amusement and without stress. It was pretty flexible and laid-back but at the same time everything was sorted out.

I am trying to find the time to come back to do the Rift Valley tour.

Jason Roberts, UK
8-days Short Historical Route, 2008

I first heard of Africa riding adventures about a year ago and have always meant to contact them but couldn’t due to a heavy workload. Eventually I was able to visit their offices. I had a warm welcome and professional reception. Having discussed at length about the tours they organized, I opted to try-out one of their day tours. As per my preference, it was a combination of road and off-road riding. The tour was scheduled and organized very easily and all I had to do was confirm the chosen date.

On the date of the tour, I appeared toting only my helmet (the company provides good quality off-road riding gear for a nominal fee). After an introductory briefing by the tour leader, we were on our way. To make a long story short, I had one of the best adventures I have ever had. The tour leader is quite experienced and skilled enough to gauge riders’ abilities and match his pace accordingly. The pace of the tour was just right, with appropriately scheduled stops (coffee/lunch breaks). I had a really great time whisking the big KTM 640 around on and especially off tarmac.

In all, I have only one thing to say to all motorcycle adventure lovers in Ethiopia: do give Africa Riding Adventures a try. Trust me. You will be coming back for more!

Yacob G/Medhin, Ethiopia
Wonchi Crater Lake Day Tour, 2008

I hired a motorcycle from Monica & Flavio to do a couple of days touring from Addis, bike was ace and had a wonderfully exciting trip to the Lakes South of Addis. Bike worked perfectly and Monica & Flavio could not have been more charming and helpful.

Eamon Sheehan, UK
Bike Rental, 2008

It was in the autumn of 2004 that I met Flavio for the first time in Addis. I was on the way from Cairo to Capetown, and Flavio told me of his plans to organize motorbike rides through Ethiopia on KTM Enduros. Meanwhile I’ve been twice with friends to Ethiopia. We made 2 unforgettable tours with Flavio. Both tours, to the north and to the south have been perfectly prepared and a large experience for all participants. I am sure, we will return to Ethiopia as soon as possible.

Joe Pichler, Austria
19-days Custom Made Tour, North Historical route and Danakil, 2005 14-days Custom Made Tour to the South, 2007

The days on tour with Flavio were some of the best days of my life…

Thank you so much!

Heiner Raschhofer, Austria
19-days Custom Made Tour, North Historical route and Danakil, 2005 14-days Custom Made Tour to the South, 2007

Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries to ride in, it is vast, with diverse stunning landscapes. Flavio is a great guide, a professional, and an unbelievable enduro rider – he is integrated with the machine. Flavio and I went on a fantastic trip to Harar, and beyond, going via Awash. I was mixing business and pleasure – and Flavio had the flexibility to mould to my unusual itinerary demands.

I often day dream about my next big trip with Africa Riding Adventures, and I could recommend it to anyone.

Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere, Italy
5-days Custom Made Tour to the North, 2007

I have ridden in and across 117 countries around the world. At this point in my life, I am always looking for the next great adventure. The year before [2005] we toured Japan, which we thought was unique and fantastic from a historic & cultural point of view. However, nothing prepared us for the majesty of northern Ethiopia with mountain topography rivaling the Alps, the Rocky Mountains or even the Himalayas. One day we climbed a serpentine gravel road over a 3,700 m pass. The scenery was more dramatic than all those mt. passes in India and Bhutan. This is exciting riding with the daily rewards of remarkable history as described by our ever calm Ethiopian guide, Flavio Bonaiuti.

The people are hard working and very friendly which makes the visits to the historic sites very comfortable. The churches that were hand hewn from solid rock in Lalebela rival the Royal Castles and walled citadel in Gondar. Our boat trip across Lake Tana to see the round Coptic churches was only highlighted by the waterfalls of the Blue Nile that traces south and west through the Great Rift Valley before turning north towards Egypt. This was a good introduction, which has whetted our appetite to return to experience the southern portions of Ethiopia.

Burt Richmond, USA
14-days Custom Made Tour to the North, 2006

Fantastic Visuals and Incredibly Friendly and Beautiful People. The Ruins at Aksum are only beginning to be discovered.

Mickey Brown, USA
14-days Custom Made Tour to the North, 2006