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Day tours

One day motorcycle tours from Addis Ababa offer you a fantastic chance for a great day out on a bike. There are lots of great rides through different landscapes and different types of surface. In this page you will find some itineraries suitable for all skill levels. Contact us for a booking or a customised day out. Come and have some fun!

Wonchi Crater Trip

Ride through the magnificent Menagesha National Forest at altitudes ranging from 2,300 to 3,000 meters. On the way to Welisso we will stop at Wonchi Crater Lake, an extinct volcano that reaches 3,386 meters. 35 Km later we will reach Welisso and start our return trip to Addis after having lunch in one of the local restaurants. This is a good day tour for beginners that want to experience a bit of off-road.

Fun Ride

This is a fun ride in curvy roads and different surfaces for those who just want to spend the day on the bike. The landscape is beautiful and different throughout the approximately 350 Km that make up the whole trip, half of which off-road. We will head north towards Alem Ketema through Muka Turi and ride back through Debre Birhan after a deserved lunch break.

Scenic Trip

These scenic ride has Ankobar, the old capital of Shewan region as final destination through a partially off-the beaten track route from Muka Turi to Debre Birhan. The 40 km road leading eastwards from Debra Birhan to Ankobar is fantastically scenic, passing through rolling green meadows with views over the escarpment that falls to the Afar Depression.

Other day tours available

  • Challenging Ankobar (level 2)
  • Eagles’ Nest (level 3)
  • Lake Aba Samuel (level 2)
Please get in touch for more details  

   Day – Tour prices per rider

  1-rider group   € 187
  2-riders group   € 163
  3-riders group   € 145
  4 to 6 riders group   € 127